Adult Hindi Jokes

Adult Hindi Jokes

Adult Hindi Jokes are also known as Dirty Hindi Jokes or Dirty Jokes in Hindi or Sexy Hindi Jokes or Adult Indian Jokes or Hindi Sexy Jokes. Adult Hindi Jokes are espacially focused on Indian or Hindi visitors because they are either written in Hindi language or related to Indian scenario. The term adult hindi jokes is used to describe various jokes, prose, poems, black comedy and skits that deal with topics that are considered to be adult taste or vulgar. Adult hindi jokes are concerned with sex, a particular ethnic group, or gender in Indian context. Other adult hindi jokes include violence, particularly domestic abuse, excessive swearing or profanity. These jokes are not suitabe to be viewed or listen by any unmatured person.

We have a huge collection of Adult Hindi Jokes or Hindi Sexy Jokes for you to have some good time but be sure you must be over 18 years to visit these Dirty Hindi Jokes. Enjoy these Dirty Jokes in Hindi.

Shiney Ahuja Qne Liners
Shiney Ahuja Qne Liners

Q: Whats Shiney Ahuja's fav song?
A: Maid in India!

Q: What kind of disorder does Shiney have ?
A: Bai-polar disorder

Q: What is Shiney Ahuja's fav mode of transportation?
A: Bai-cycle

Q: What kind of food does shiney like?
A: Home Maid !

Q: Who is Shiney's fav football player ?
A: Bai Chung Bhutia

Q: What is Shiney Ahuja's fav subject?
A: Bai-ology

Q: In cricket, what way does Shiney get most of his runs from?
A: Leg-Bai-es.

Q: Which Song did Shiney sing with N'Sync
A: Bai Bai Bai !

Q: What is Shiney's fav Enrique Iglesias song?
A: Bai-lamos

Shiney Ahuja took the 'Where in Mumbai should you live' Facebook quiz, it said he should live in the suburb of Bai-culla.
Q: Why was Shiney Ahuja picked by the Ministry of External Affairs for a official foreign trip?
A: Because he is bai-lingual.

Q: What did Shiney Ahuja say to the police?
A: Let the bai-gones be bai-gones. Let me go home

Q: Why did Shiney Ahuja rush into the doctors dispensary?
A: Because the doctors sign-board said Bai-pass surgeon.

Q: Why was Shiney Ahuja shooed away by the guards outside a public event?
A: Because it said Bai-standers not allowed.

Q: Why did Shiney Ahuja hop on Virar-express train ?
A: Because it stops at Bai-andar station.

Q: Why did Shiney Ahuja want to be in the governing body of an organization?
A: Because he wanted to pass a new bai-law

Q: Why does shiney Ahuja like horror movies ?
A: Because he can see Bai-yanak scenes

Q: What type of code did Shiney Ahuja write when he was a programmer?
A: Bai-nari code

Q: Why does Shiney Ahuja like the Chinese?
A: Because he heard the slogan 'Hindi-Cheeni bai-bai'

Class Mein Shor
Class Mein Shor

Class mein shor ho raha tha teacher nahi tha,
Principal entered in class an asked angrily:
Kis ka period chal raha hai?
4 larkian sharmatay hue: Sir Hamara

Positive Attitude
Positive Attitude

Girl Friend: Mera rishta aaya hai aur shadi hone wali hy.
Boy Friend: That's Good,
Phir to hum condom ke bina sex kar sakenge.

Gullak aur Ghanti
Gullak aur Ghanti

Sadhu fati dhoti pehan ker ghar se nikalta hai aur mandir mein puja ke liye jhukta hai. Ek aurat sadhu ki gand ko gullak samajh kar us mein ek sikka daal deti hai.
Sadhu seedha ho ke bolta hai: "Ab ghanti bhi bhaja do"


H - Hawas mita do
O - Or chuso
N - Nanga karke
E - Ek hi jhatke mein
Y - Yeh gaya
M - Maar dala
O - Or dalo
O - Or tez
N- Ni..k..a..l g..a. y..a

Shadi Kar Lein
Shadi Kar Lein

Boy during Sex: Kyun na hum shadi kar lein, phir hum roz aisa kar sakenge.
Girl: Mazdoor ho mMazdoori karo, factory ka maalik ban-ne ki koshish na karo.

What do you like most
What do you like most

A wife asked her husband: "What do you like most in me my pretty face or my sexy body?"
He looked at her from head to toe and replied: "I like your sense of humour.

Super Hit Insult
Super Hit Insult

Wife: Agar dunia sirf 30 minute mein khatam ho rahi ho to tum kya karna chahoge?
Husband: Off course Sex.
Aur baki ke 29 Minutes?

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