Khatarnaak Dost

Khatarnaak Dost

Boy was late to reach home.
Father- "Kaha tha tu?"
Boy- "Frnd ke yaha tha"
Father calld his 10 frnds.
4 answrd: "Haan uncle, yahi par tha"
3 answerd: "Abhi jst nikla hai"
2 answerd: "Yahi hai uncle, padh raha hai, phone dun kya?"
1 ne to had kar di
He Answerd: "Haan papa, bolo kya hua?"

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Pain or Gain, Share it

Sharing pain will reduce it.
Sharing happiness will increase it.
So Pain or Gain, share it,
Especially with 1 who cares 4 u.

True friendship never fades

True friendship never fades with time,
it bcomes more more tasteful, like old wine.
Only a friend can understand d unsaid words,
and convert the rolling tears into smile

Timetable for you

ADMIRE those people who find TIME for you in their TIMETABLE
But RESPECT those who DON'T CONSULT their timetable when you NEED them.

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