He came 2 me 1 nite

He came 2 me 1 nite

He came 2 me 1 nite... explored my body... licked- sucked- swallowed & had his fill...
wen satisfied he left... I was hurt... DAMN MOSQUITO

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From the moment I saw u

From the moment I saw u, I wanted to be inside u, I love ur smell, the way ur tongue
feels, the way u tighten and loosen mmmmmmmmmmmmm..............NEW SHOES!!!!!!!!!!

I was nervous at first

I was nervous at first, it was big & long & went straight up, I had to try it...
I eased myself onto it & i liked it! I went up & down on it, I love escalators now.

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Tum Achhe Imandar

Dimagwale ho.

Ab ye pata lagao ye afwah kaun faila raha hai.

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