Aaj barish me

Aaj barish me

Aaj barish me tumhare sang nahana hai,
Sapna ye mera kitna suhana hai,
Barish ke katre jo tere honthon pe gire,
Un katron ko apne honton se uthana hai ;->

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Glory of the day

Glory of the day, soundless and restrain,
With dark clouds, and blessings of rains.

Clouds on way, the splashing of drops,
Cheers of birds, whispers of waves with fame.

Now soothing of rain, with rainbow's name,
Praising in a way, this is blessed in all ways.


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Dance in the Rain

A n y o n e
W h o
S a y s
B r i n g s
H a p p i n e s s
H a s
N e v e r
D a n c e d
I n
T h e
R A I N ... (:

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The rain falls because

The rain falls because the sky
Can no longer handle its heaviness,
Just like the tears,
It falls because the
Heart can no
Longer handle the pain.

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