Khilo sada khush raho

Khilo sada khush raho

Khilo sada khush raho nandhan khe pyar karo vadan khan pyar payolal jo din aaye acho khushyun manayoaayo lal sabhai chavo zulelal.

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May this Cheti Chand

May this Cheti Chand bring you new spirit
new beginning and new prosperity
Wishing you Happy Cheti Chand

Sindhi aahiyu

Sindhi aahiyu, Sindhi galhayu, sindhiyat ji jyot jagayu, tabha sabhin khe CHETRI CHANDRA ji lakh lakh wadhayuAayo lal Sabai Chao Julelal Dhiraj

Divine power of Jhulelal

May the divine power of Jhulelal be helpful to your family and
to your dear ones in this new start of this new .
Happy Cheti Chand.

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