Thai piranthaal Vazhi pirakkum

Thai piranthaal Vazhi pirakkum

"Thai piranthaal Vazhi pirakkum", yes this is a phrase commonly used by Tamils
since the Sangam Period (2,000 year back). Why not "Chithirai piranthall vazhi
pirakkum", if Chithirai is the New Year of the Taml people.

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Udal kalaipu

Udal kalaipu udaluku mattum
Mandirku endrum thevai inipu
Adai inaipadu thaan pongalin sirapu
Iniya pongal nalvazhthukal
Iniya pongal nalvazhthukal

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise
Angelina Jolie
Aishwarya Rai
Jennifer Lopez
Amitabh Bachhan
& me..
All the Stars wish u a
Very happy pongal

May the nose Diving

May the nose diving
Stock exchange enable
You to buy the blue chips.
May the lower commodity
Prices lower the price of
Your next lcd tv.
May the sky rocketing
Gold help give value
To your wife's jewelery
And most importantly
May the eroding wealth
Help reiterate that
The only treasure that
Is immune to this
Recession wits for
You at home.
Happy Pongal

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