10 Mann. 10 Vachan

10 Mann. 10 Vachan

10 Mann. 10 Vachan.12 Kaya.32 Dosh se humse janne anjaane hue bhool to

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Samavatsari Means Samta

Samavatsari means Samta with vrat in the whole year.
if i hurt you by words, actions or thoughts i heartly beg Chama.
You are so good that you mill forgive me by all means.
Michammi Dukdam

On the auspicious occasion

On the auspicious occasion of The Kshamavani divas, I seek Kshama yachna from all of you for hurting the feelings of any one knowingly or unknowingly in any form by words, action or thought directly or indirectly in any form. any act, omission & disobedience done during last year.

Chhota sa sansaar

Chhota sa sansaar,
Galtiyan apaar,
aapke paas hai Kshama ka adhikaar,
Kar lijiye nivedan sweekar

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