Eyes are lookin tired

Eyes are lookin tired

Since ur eyes are lookin tired
Let ur eye lashes hug each other for few hours.
Happy journey in to d world of drmz. G'nite3.

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Fir hui halchal

Fir hui halchal fir teri yaad aayi,
Fir nikla chand, fir suhani raat aayi,
Is raat ki gehrai mein kho ja,
Zyada khush mat ho batti bujha aur so ja!

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You may think that I forgot you

You may think that I forgot you,
You may think that I don't care,
and you may think that I'm not thinking of you.
Well, you're wrong.
You're still in my dreams... Goodnight

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Dream a dream tonight

Dream a dream tonight as you sleep.
Smile a smile tomorrow that you may keep.
May all of your dreams and wishes come true coz
I couldn't find a better friend like you! GoodNight

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