A serious message for u

A serious message for u

A serious message for u read carefully and mind it
Wanna life safe everyday
Take precaution in serious way
So cry loudly and say
Its Aids Day, its Aids Day


AIDS k bare me janiye

AIDS k bare me janiye aur dusron ko bhi batiye ki AIDS marijo se nafrat na kare bcoz aids chune se, bat karne, khana khane se nahi failta hai.

Aids is Killy

Aids is killy,
So don't b silly,
Use a condom in your bully .

Lets talk about it

Lets talk about it.....
Aids is something that can whips away our loved once, but when we talk all about it and understand the solution is very well know by how we play the game safe. Fill free to assist to overcome whats is to come....
Aids Day is that day we show love to those without hope.....
Protect the generation of tomorrow.

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