Diwali is here

Diwali is here

Diwali is here... with...
Sparkling Fireworks,
Glowing Diyas,
And lotsa gifts n treats!
Hope you enjoy them all...
Only go easy on the sweets!

Wishing you a wonderful and special DIWALI.

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DIYAS - to drive away darkness.

FIREWORKS - to sparkle up the night.

And lots of MITHAI - to celebrate the Festival of Light.

Wishing you a very Happy Diwali!

Wanna know my top 4 Diwali

Wanna know my top 4 Diwali highs?

4. Lighting all the Diyas.

3. Bursting all the crackers.

2. Gorging on the mithai n laddoo

1. sharuing all the fun with a friend like you.

Being with u makes my each day a celebration!

Happy Diwali

Dhoom Dhadaka

D - Dhoom Dhadaka

I - Itni Saari Mithai

W - Wah - Wah kya Jagmahat

A - Anar n Chakri

L - Lots of Patakha

I - Innumerable Gifts

That's the kind of DIWALI I wish 4 you. Sparkling with happiness n cracking with laughter too.

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