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Sardar Jokes

Sardar Jokes, Santa-Banta Jokes, Punjabi Jokes or Jokes on Sardar are espacially created on Sardars (A community in India). In Sardar Jokes, Sardars are considered as a fool although they are not in real. In sardar jokes a sardar is generally called as 'Sardar Ji'. Although in these jokes sardars are presented as a fool but we all know that they are not like that and have an intelligence level like any other person. We have no intention to hurt any one's imotions. All it is just a fun. We have a cute & funny collection of sardar jokes. These jokes are original and best which you could find on the web. Hope you will enjoy these jokes. You can e-mail these sardar jokes to your friends. If you have your own Sardar Jokes please send your jokes to us so that we will display your joke on our website.

Latest Sardar Jokes

Sardar in Zoo Sardar in Zoo
A tiger killed a Sardar in zoo.
A man asked why did u killed only Sardar in crowd?
Tiger- Aur kya karta… kab se bakwaas kar raha tha
“inni wadi billi”
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Medical Test Medical Test
Santa ki maa beemaar ho gayi. Santa unhein le kar hospital gaya.

Doctor ne examin karne ke baad kaha "Inke kuchh test honge"

Santa : "He bhagwan ab kya hoga, meri maa to anpadh hai."
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Einstein and a Punjabi Einstein and a Punjabi
Einstein and a Punjabi sitting next to each other on a long flight..

Einstein says,"Let's play a game.. I will ask you a question, if you don't know the answer, you pay me only $5 and if I don't know the answer, I will pay you $500.."

Einstein asks the first question: What's the distance from the Earth to the Moon..?

Punjabi doesn't say a word, reaches his pocket, pulls out a $5..

Now, it's the Punjabi's, turn..

He asks Einstein: What goes up a hill with 3 legs and comes down on 4 legs..?

Einstein searches the net and asks all his smart friends. After an hour he gives Punjabi $500..

Einstein going nuts and asks: Well, so what goes up a hill with three legs and comes down with four?

Punjabi reaches his pocket and gives Einstein $5.
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Ek Sardar Par Bijli Giri Ek Sardar Par Bijli Giri
1 sardar ki maut bijli girne se hui...Par uski lash muskurate huye mili...
Yamraj ne sardar se puchha aisa kyun?
Sardar bola : Mujhe laga koi photo kheench raha hai.
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Santa aur Baraf ka Tukda Santa aur Baraf ka Tukda
Santa ek baraf ka tukda utha kar use gaur se dekh raha tha.
Banta- Kya dekh rahe ho?
Santa- Dekh raha hu ye leak kaha se ho raha hai.
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